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Song of the Summer King

Song of the Summer King - Jess E. Owen I have absolutely no idea how Ms. Owen was able to create an entire world filled with: lore, mythology, kings and queens, secrets, deception, betrayal and the like in such a short book. But she did.I would never be able to truly summarize this book in the best way I could so I will instead give a very brief summary in my terms.Rashard (Shard) is our protagonist, he's a young gryphon. Full blooded Vanir,a race of gryphon. His life is filled with lies and secrets that are being kept from him. when he's thrust into the world in a glorified exile role by Sverin, the Red Kings, he is forced to come to terms and learn about who he is.It's a coming of age story with a fantasy twist, I liked it. Though my head is still reeling from all the facts.