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Dynasty of Ghosts

Dynasty of Ghosts - P.L. Nunn This is a GREAT book. It had so many aspects to love, to the very very slow to trust relationship between Bloodraven and Yhalen. It had magic, very very powerful magic that was blossoming within Yhalen. I felt very connected to the main characters, which is really I ever want in a book, to feel something for the characters. It's very violent, and bloody, and has aspects of rape involved. But I just loved the story.My only true complaint is the ending. It's VERY open, and you almost have to assume a sequel will be involved. However! There is NO closure for this book, in my opinion. I believe every book, even those of a series should have a nice closure for that book. And this had done, unless I overlooked it. I really liked this book, I just was bothered by the ending.