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Magpie (Avian Shifters, #2)

Magpie (Avian Shifters, #2) - Kim Dare This book was set in a MUCH different tone than Duck! The first in the series. This one is totally centered around Kane and Everet. Everet is a Raven shifter and also a 'cop' for the shifter society. He is given the task to retrieve a Magpie shifter named Kane who is in trouble with prostitution and drug addiction.Ultimately the council of the avian shifters offers Kane the chance to change his ways and try to integrate into society for the nest, or stay behind bars for the rest of his life.Everet offers to take him and be his master while trying to clean Kane up. But Kane is a little jerk, and does a lot of bad things. He tries to seduce Everet with sex to get him his drugs or steal things. This book was quite dark at some times, and I had to ground my teeth during the scenes of intense withdraw symptoms Kane went through. It was beautifully written. I want more... and more from this world.