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Brute - Kim Fielding This was quite a lovely story. Brute is a misunderstood man. Giant among normal men standing at over seven feet tall with muscles on muscles, he's considered hideous and scary. But he is blessed/cursed with a heart of gold and an iron will to love and care for others. When he saves Prince Alfrid's life after he falls down a cliff, he injures his hand bad enough it had to be amputated. This of course leaves him maimed and unable to continue in his line of work as a laborer. The Prince is grateful for Brute saving his life and offers him a position to be a sort of caretaker and guard for a man kept in a dungeon.Gray is a man with no eyes and a curse of seeing how people will die in his dreams. Brute is IMMEDIATELY sympathetic to the man and doesn't even hesitate to show Gray kindness and compassion. Which Gray is entirely surprised by, most of his jailers have not lasted a week. Over time Brute is unable to contain the love he has in his heart for those around him and winds up developing feelings for the supposed "witch". A whirlwind of events take place and a lovely romance is formed between the two men. I'll not say much more, but I will say that I 100% recommend this book and was able to finish it feeling very content with the ending. Loved it.